Vacation Rental

Vacation Rentals by property owners have become so common that travelers have thousands of options to pick from. What will give you that edge for travelers to pick your property?........... Fantastic Pictures!

Travelers rely heavily on the pictures of a property when choosing the Perfect Vacation. If they see dark, uninteresting, unappealing pictures, they are skeptical of the property and owner. They want to feel that they are dealing with a real person who handles their rental business professionally, instead of an unreliable owner. If the traveler doesn't trust the photos, they will not trust the owner. They won't choose that vacation rental property to spend their money and vacation time on.

Water Street can provide the perfect vacation rental pictures to compel a traveler to become your next guest. 

The Vacation Rental package includes interior photos, drone photos, and a multi-media video with drone video footage. The video can be used on your rental listing (with a link to YouTube) or your own website or Facebook page.


Vacation Rental Multi-Media Video

Call/text Theresa at 816-282-4218 or email to schedule your photo shoot.

Water Street Real Estate Photography is FAA Certified Part 107. All drone shoots are fully insured.   

Please understand that our schedule is important to us so that we can provide you with the best service possible. For this reason we charge a cancellation fee of $40 for all shoots that are cancelled within 4 hours of the scheduled shoot. We ask that the property be clean and ready to photograph upon our arrival for us to maintain our schedule.